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Despite its population growth over the past decade, the city of Las Cruces retains a classic Western feel. The Downtown district is a collection of charming neighborhoods that are both historic and progressive. Downtown Las Cruces is a key to the arts, culture and economy of this great city. As some of the most desirable real estate in the city, Downtown Las Cruces is experiencing some amazing things when it comes to growth and development.

Attracting home buyers from across the country, Downtown real estate is unusual, diverse and convenient to just about everything. With everything from luxury condos and cozy row homes to single family homes that border parks, shops and schools, Downtown real estate is different enough to suit just about any home buyers’ needs. It’s no secret that home buyers have their choice of properties to buy in the Downtown area.

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Downtown Las Cruces is comprised of several different neighborhoods that are sure to match up with any home buyers interested in Downtown real estate. Homes in the Downtown area are primarily mixed use properties, with residential units above retail establishments blending the need for family-friendly housing in the area. School children who live in Downtown can attend public schools managed by Las Cruces Public Schools or attend any of several private schools nearby.

While Downtown may be divided into a range of neighborhoods, the true heart of the city is a 6-block area that is known as the Downtown Mall. There are all kinds of attractions in this area, including museums, art galleries, restaurants, shops, theatres, libraries and more. Notable attractions and historic sites include the Basilica of San Albino, Museum of Nature and Science, New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, Fountain Theatre, Gadsden Museum, and the Branigan Cultural Center, just to name a few.

The Downtown area is very pedestrian-friendly and attracts thousands of people daily. The weekly Farmer’s Markets are set up in the Downtown Mall and bring in everything from food to crafts to sell. Festivals and events are popular in the Downtown area and they are well attended by residents and visitors alike. Notable events include the 4th of July Electric Light Parade and Celebration, Day of the Dead festivities at the Branigan Cultural Center, and many more.

Of course, living in the downtown are puts residents very close to a number of business and retail areas, making the commute into work practically nonexistent, with access to city transportation, or even biking or walking, residents of Downtown can reap the benefits of urban living and enjoy all the advantages of what Las Cruces can deliver.

Located in the heart of the thriving city of Las Cruces, the Downtown area is one of the most charming and vibrant areas around. Thanks to outstanding revitalization efforts, Downtown real estate is in high demand and provides the ideal living space for home buyers who want to eat, sleep, work and play right at the center of all the action.