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Local, Family Owned & Personal

Our local Boutique style company is fundamental and focuses on a strong relationship that encompasses the experience of purchasing or selling Real Estate with professional, hand-selected Realtors at your service. We train and mentor each of our Brokers so that they are better prepared to complete all Real Estate transactions with professionalism and confidence. Our Brokers at Enchanted Sun Realty are trained to sell, negotiate and build relationships within our communities. We are passionate about serving our clients, and we make sure the experience they have is always positive and one of a kind. The importance of a strong owner-to-broker mentor relationship is critical to our Realtors’ success and a great working environment that nurtures growth, learning and great team work. At Enchanted Sun Realty, we utilize all of the cutting edge tools in technology and social media to best market and service each and every client, no matter what their income level is. Our highly trained Realtors and staff are always willing to make necessary decisions and changes to each individual’s needs, whether with clients and/or Brokers at the firm. We believe that each person is as unique as their needs are, and we feel the best service we can offer our clients is to tailor the experience just for them.

A large Franchise may be a name you recognize and has a large presence. However, many customers and Brokers feel that everyone is treated the same way and clients simply become a number and another statistic. The tools provided by large Franchises do not replace the hands-on training offered in smaller local Real Estate offices such as Enchanted Sun Realty. Large Franchises are directed by corporate headquarters on how to run their business which means slower innovation of ideas and more gridlock when trying to implement change. Things cannot be changed or created because the company already has set methods and guidelines. This is why we are so passionate about our local, family owned business. We thank you for thinking local first, and we thank you for your trust.
Focusing on our clients’ needs, lifestyle and total experience

Having the ability to design personalized Seller and Buyer Programs to better meet the needs of our clients and Brokers is fundamental and core to our mission and purpose. Looking at a national level, agents and brokers from boutique firms have been awarded by Inman Innovator Awards for the last several years. Much of the talk and action about “raising the bar” in Real Estate come from Boutique brokerages. Boutique Brokerages are well skilled in technology, online social marketing, blogging and building a sense of community. They are small enough to listen to individual’s needs, concerns, suggestions and make changes and implementations as needed.

Enchanted Sun Realty takes pride in our customer service and unique and personal approach. When you meet with one of our professional Realtors to discuss the sale of your home, we will sit down and prepare a personalized plan for you and your needs. When shopping for a home, we will develop a personalized home buying program that will be tailored to your wants and desires. Our Realtors will help you find the home that fits your needs and your lifestyle. One on one attention to detail, truly understanding your situation and listening to your needs is very important to us. We strive to provide the most personalized service to buyers and sellers. Although large national brokerages might be a fit for some Buyers and Sellers, we know that some clients are looking for something “Different”. So if you’re looking for a local, more personal one on one experience – we are here to better fulfill your goals. We can offer you a more specialized choice of information, expertise, knowledge and customization through our Boutique Real Estate business model.

Thank you so much for your trust and for thinking LOCAL first. We look forward to working with you, your friends and family for years to come!

Your Enchanted Sun Realty Team